One person, one family, one community – working together for the common good.

Allison and Greg Mollner established Goal 17 Works (“Works”)”, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, to support the mission of nonprofits and foundations committed to the common good. Works’ primary focus will be on economic equity and equality, climate and social justice, and mental health.

We derive our definition of the common good from the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDSs), which lays out a comprehensive blueprint for peace and prosperity for all people and the planet.

Nonprofits can partner with Goal 17 Works to produce powerful media content spotlighting their areas of advocacy affordably and quickly or underwrite other Goal 17 original programming as a sponsor.

Nonprofits and Foundations (NPFs) across the country invest tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to hire independent contractors to create podcasts, videos, documentaries, and other collateral to amplify their areas of advocacy. But few are harnessing the power and efficiency of producing that content with a network such as Goal 17 to reach broader mainstream communities available through the Goal 17 global ecosystem.

Over the last two years, Goal 17 Works has produced over 80 podcasts representing over $150,000 for a diverse group of regional, national, and international nonprofits. Over 85% of this was done pro bono early in the COVID crisis. Our podcasts are provided below:

Note: Goal 17 Works is funded through donations.