Solving for the Future of Work: Kim Dabbs, Global Vice President of ESG + Social Innovation at Steelcase

How we work could not be more important to the success of our companies. And more than ever, with the rising return to the office, the work environment is being reimagined to that end. So how can we redesign the spaces we work in to foster productivity, community, and growth? And how can we do that in a way that’s more responsible to our planet that’s suffering under the impact of the climate emergency? Kim Dabbs is Global Vice President of ESG and Social Innovation at Steelcase, a design and thought leader manufacturing innovative furnishings and solutions to help people do their best work in the many places where work happens. In this episode, she explains how we can all reimagine what and how we make to better serve the people in our companies and the planet we share, and how to join and accelerate a transformative movement that’s turning business into a force for good.

Kim Dabbs: 

Kim Dabbs is a change agent and advocate who builds cultures of opportunity as the Global VP of Social Innovation and ESG strategy at Steelcase. She is leading organizational change projects around the world and has given talks on her specialties in social innovation, cultural transformation, and belonging at MIT, the Aspen Institute, the Drucker Forum, and the Guggenheim. She has received numerous recognitions in the process including a Joyce Fellowship, an executive residency at the at Stanford and led a White House honored nonprofit organization that is a national best practice in both adult and teen learning models. Her personal experience and professional history of two decades creating, leading, and scaling cultures of belonging across multiple borders have given her unique insights into systemic change. As a Korean-born, American adoptee currently residing in Munich, Germany, she is currently focused on her research and writing on Belonging. Her debut book on this topic, launching in 2023, focuses on helping leaders and organizations with the tools to create cultures of belonging and create a more equitable and inclusive world.


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