Damian Bradfield, Co-Founder & CCO, We Transfer: Fueling Creativity That Drives Business Growth

Damian Bradfield is the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at WeTransfer, the leading cloud-based content-sharing platform that is in the business of making tools to shape and move ideas for creatives globally. While best known as a service to easily transfer large files to colleagues and loved ones, WeTransfer is a powerful storytelling company on a mission to make the internet more open and democratic. In my chat with Damian, we discuss how WeTransfer came to be, how it is creating impact through its editorial platform WePresent, and how a tech company builds and sustains critical trust at a time when others struggle.

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Damian Bradfield:

Damian Bradfield is the company’s Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder. He joined WeTransfer in 2010 as Chief Strategy Officer, before setting up the company’s US offices and creating WePresent. He was the co-founder of digital design studio, Present Plus, which was acquired by WeTransfer in 2016. Damian started his career at Stella McCartney before joining ad agencies AMV and later, J Walter Thompson. Damian is a published author of The Trust Manifesto, which debates online privacy, trust, and big data. He holds a degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


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