Bryce Fluellen, Executive Director, Social Equity Franchise Everytable: Change Is Bigger Than You

Bryce Fluellen is the Executive Director of Social Equity Franchise at Everytable. They are redefining the fast-food landscape by selling nutritious, fresh, made-from-scratch food at fast-food prices in underserved communities. To that end, they’re reducing meal prices to meet the minimum income of each community. Bryce is a master chef who has worked with nationwide restaurants to drive systemic change to benefit underserved populations and communities. In this conversation, he shares how his passion for education and healthy eating serves the company’s rapid growth and the democratization of healthy, affordable food where it’s needed most.

Bryce Fluellen

Bryce Fluellen is the Executive Director of Everytable’s Social Equity Franchise Program. This model invests directly into marginalized entrepreneurs of color by providing the opportunity to open Everytable stores with zero upfront capital or net worth.

Fluellen has fought for food justice and social equity for more than 20 years. He developed and implemented strategic programs at Starbucks, Magic Johnson Enterprises, and the American Heart Association to drive systemic change to benefit underserved communities. As Community Impact Director at the Los Angeles chapter of the American Heart Association, he was instrumental in developing and implementing a multi-year, million-dollar regional campaign with the National Football League Foundation to transform and improve youth physical activity and building an impact blueprint for the League to scale across 30 team markets.

Also a Master Chef, he operated a Los Angeles full-service catering company, YAMS Catering, where he created partnerships with health-focused organizations to educate Black and Brown communities about healthy eating.



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