BEST OF: Climate Solutions out of Thin Air: Gregory Constantine, CEO of Air Company

Turning the air we breathe– and the carbon dioxide we produce– into products that enhance our daily lives. It’s not only possible but happening right before our eyes. Gregory Constantine is co-founder and CEO of Air Company, a technology, engineering, and design company that has developed a new process to turn carbon dioxide into value-added products, with a goal of demonstrating to the world that there is limitless potential in technology, and that it should be accessible to all. In this “Best Of” episode, he shares how to launch and scale a truly disruptive and purposeful company with multiple product lines and how to leverage that purpose to win investors, employees, and customers, and a brighter future.

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Gregory Constantine:

Gregory Constantine is an Australian entrepreneur, businessman, and global thinker. As co-founder and CEO of AIR COMPANY, a New York-based technology, engineering, and design company, Constantine engages with the world to critically solve its most complex and pressing issues. Constantine’s spirit for innovation started prior to founding AIR COMPANY and he has always proven himself to be a risk-taker which was evident with his impromptu and unplanned move to New York in 2014. In NYC, Constantine was scouted for a role at Diageo, the world’s most prominent alcohol company. There he led Smirnoff’s cultural marketing, which aimed to integrate itself into music and popular culture while promoting diversity and inclusion as part of its brand efforts. On a Forbes 30 Under 30 trip overseas, Gregory met Dr. Stafford Sheehan, his future business partner and the complimentary mind responsible for the advent and subsequent birth of the concept for Air Company. Following suit with his knack for risk-taking, Gregory quit his job and pursued his ambition to create what is now the world’s first consumer products from carbon dioxide. Working closely with his dedicated team of Ph.D. chemists, AIR COMPANY has transformed from a concept into the world’s leading carbon technology company in just over three years, now operating three facilities across the United States and Canada. 


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